Posted by Emily and Jeff Alessio

Our two sons were lucky enough to have been a part of the KinderClub Nest over the last two years. It is hard to put into words what the experience has meant to our boys, and how much it has enriched our lives. To have had the opportunity to kick off their education with such a unique and strong foundation has been the key ingredient to their ever-growing love of learning and endless curiosity. At KinderClub they had a second home – where they were celebrated as individuals, where they learned to be a part of a team, build relationships, treat others and our planet with respect, and most of all to be proud of who they are. They learned about science and nature, history, poetry and the wonder of books. They explored the world through imaginative activities. They went on nature hikes, practiced yoga, played on the “secret playground” and laughed and laughed! They couldn’t wait to get there every morning, and every night they were excited to tell stories of their day. The artwork they created at KinderClub decorates our home, and the songs and poems are in the background of our lives! We are so grateful for Mrs. A…she created a magical and meaningful experience that brought so much knowledge and joy to our family. And Mrs. Z is a perfect collaborator, bringing the same enthusiasm and warmth to the Nest. We are certain our boys will cherish their KinderClub memories forever.


Posted by Victoria Meagher

Our four children have been a part of Kinder Club for many years. It has been an amazing experience for us all. Mrs. A has a special way of quickly identifying with students and capitalizing on his/her personalities and needs, allowing them to foster individually. She is nurturing and truly cares for all of her students! Her program instills knowledge, independence, accountability and respect for others. Not only are her skills as a teacher outstanding, but the time and thought she puts into projects makes this school one of a kind. The curriculum incorporates basic skills, nature and diverse projects such as the science fair, singing concerts and unique art projects. Our children have loved every minute at the Kinder Club, learning life lessons at a young age. The NEST is an entity unto itself; there is no other place like it!


Posted by Kimberly Love

Mrs. A is an extraordinary teacher. Her ability to connect with the children is like nothing I’ve ever seen. My son has grown leaps and bounds under her direction. His passion for science and nature has been supported and enhanced by Mrs. A’s program, not to mention his growing interest and skill in letters, numbers and reading. Overall I would recommend Mrs. A to every parent who is interested in exposing their children to a unique and dynamic learning experience. The NEST grows in the hearts of children who attend the school and it is with them forever.


Posted by Anna Salek/Thomas Galvin

Our children were both students of Mrs. A at the Nest and, under her firm and loving guidance, they both flourished there. Sure, they did amazing art projects and put on wonderful concerts, but Mrs. A also had them doing less conventional things such as learning and telling jokes, reciting poetry to an audience and regularly memorizing and then presenting facts to their classmates – – and our chidlren loved it! At the Nest, our son, who was so shy he would not even speak to Mrs. A at first, developed into a true leader with a healthy amount of confidence. Our daughter’s penchant for art was nurtured and indulged, while her reading skills just took off. Both paticipated in the highly popular science fair, which is quite an undertaking with such a young group and always a tremendous success. Every day, they could not wait to get to the Nest – and every day, we brought them there without hesitation. Mrs. A is the perfect blend of strict and silly and academics and play. If you ask our children today, they still say the Nest was the best school they ever attended. And we agree.


Posted by Jessica Santomauro

My daughter was a student of Mrs A’s. I always felt as if my daughter and every child in her class was more than just a student to her. She is an amazing person, I have never met anyone like her. My daughter was painfully shy and quite introverted. Mrs. A took her under her wing. In a way that only Mrs A could, she built up my daughters confidence. The lessons my daughter learned with Mrs. A are invaluable. My daughter carries all that she has learned from Mrs. A with her today. When it was time for my daughter to leave Mrs. A and move on to first grade she was a different child. Her academics were above grade level, she was speaking and singing in all of the amazing productions that Mrs. A planned, she had so many friends, with she is still friends with today. They are her Kinder club friends! My daughter talks of that time in her life so fondly. We still visit her every halloween. Its the first house my daughter wants to go to! I can not thank Mrs. A enough for all that she has done for my daughter. The foundation that she received at Kinder Club will stay with her for the rest of her life.


Posted by Alicia McQuade

Two of our children have attended KinderClub, and we can’t wait to send the third. My daughter, now in third grade, is subject to the rigors of a regimented curriculum and standardized testing. She still speaks so fondly of her time at the KinderClub, where she was able to explore and expand–in the woods, on stage or with her friends. My son was very shy, but his confidence soared after a year with Mrs. A. Who knew he’d come to love singing, art and poetry as much as running and jumping? Whenever he’s naughty at home, I tell him I’m going to tell Mrs. A, and he stops right away. Why? Because he’s so fond, so respectful of her, he’d never want her to be disappointed in him. I can’t think of a better place for children to thrive.


Posted by Rina Jaffe

I have had 2 children in Mrs. A.’s kindergarten enrichment program over the last few years and there are no words to describe how I feel about this program and about Mrs. A. She is the most unique teacher I have met and will be remembered by my children throughout their lives. She is warm, compassionate, creative beyond belief, artistic and a lover of nature, science, comedy and children! She has given by my children a sense of confidence and a gift for public speaking that is hard to describe. She finds the uniqueness in each child and allows that part of each child to flourish. After my first daughter graduated Kindergarten, I would hear parents saying that they hope that Washington Drive changes to full day Kindergarten and I honestly wished it would remain half day so that my younger daughter would reap the benefits of Mrs. A.. It is well worth the price! If anyone has any questions about this program, please feel free to contact me (you can make a request for contact information through our webmaster via the “contact us” page form).


Posted by Gemma Saylor

It is hard to put into words what the KinderClub Nest means to us.  This isn’t school.  This is a magical experience where children develop a true love of learning.  In the past year my daughter has learned to recite poetry, respect nature, discover new cultures (vive la france!),  make beautiful friendships, read incredible stories and have a ton of fun.  The craft projects that found their way into our home over the past year are truly amazing and my daughter begs me to get to school as early as possible so she can have extra time with Mrs.A.  Of course this place is only this amazing thanks to Mrs A – we feel so very lucky that we came here.  The only flaw is that our time here has to come to an end.  But we’ll be back with our younger daughter in a few short years… and we can’t wait.