About Us

Our Philosophy

The Kinder Club Nest is a unique independent school dedicated to optimizing a learning experience that inspires children to live well on the planet. We encourage each child to embrace their whole being and realize their full potential.
Our school is a wonderful place, where children are celebrated as individuals. Every child should be allowed to develop at their own pace while being challenged academically. At The Nest, we build skills and instill concepts that teach children how to learn. We use an inquiry-based collaborative approach to classroom activities. Children are naturally curious. Our job is to guide them toward discovery.
Our small setting and class size foster close relationships between students and teachers. This allows us to meet their unique academic and emotional needs wherever they are developmentally. We balance our academic curriculum with a social curriculum. Children are encouraged to take ownership of their learning as they progress through the year. Each child learns responsibility and discovers integrity. We are all citizens of the same planet. Respect and caring are human qualities that should be practiced at all times.
As our relationships develop with our students, so does our connection grow with their families. It is our intention to collaborate with families for the purpose of creating the optimal school experience through support and reinforcement in the home. Our families mean the world to us!


Our Director


Laura-Jean Adler (Mrs. A) is the founder and director of The Kinder Club NEST. She has been a member of the Centerport community for 35 years and has been teaching preschool locally for the past 29 years.  She holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Art and Education from Wagner college and has experience and training in traditional preschool methods as well as classroom experience in The Montessori Method.  She has done independent studies in early childhood education as well as educational philosophy.  The NEST is centered on all her teachings and education which amounts to a program with a character based curriculum.
The success of the school is reflected by Mrs. A’s tremendous reputation.  Family after family who have sent their children to The Kinder Club vow that Mrs. A is magical with children and that she has made an impact on their lives forever.  She is committed to creating a positive, diverse learning environment for young children where they can be themselves and joyfully participate in their own educational journey. She believes that every child is the hope of the future and that as the world changes around us, we should embrace it and celebrate the new possibilities that change always brings.